Sun, river, gastronomy,
nightlife, luxury, fashion and art

Coming along from the São Paulo Street and its traditional Bica Funicular, Boavista 62 is two steps away from the Santa Catarina viewpoint, the starting point to explore Chiado and Bairro Alto. Even closer, Santos and Cais do Sodré are speckled with art galleries and the trendiest restaurants, dozens of bars and clubs that enliven the night, and cosy outdoor cafes where you can gaze at the river and enjoy the 220 days of sunny weather that lighten up Lisbon every year.

Centuries ago, it was here, in Boavista, that the city met the river. Nowadays, the terraces and the urban beach of Ribeira da Naus, between Cais do Sodré and the city’s main square, Praça do Comércio, invite you to enjoy the river and the sun.

The Pink Street is definitely a nightlife must, teeming with bars, clubs and parties that go on until dawn.

Right next to it, Praça da Ribeira, once the main city market, has been renovated to host under the same roof the best variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, a gourmet selection from renowned chefs and famous restaurants, art galleries, and also the city's tech firms and start-up movement.

All this hustle and bustle is now pressing forward towards Rua da Boavista, where numerous restaurants, bars, avant-guard stores and art galleries have recently sprang up, establishing a new reference in the bohemian and sophisticated Lisbon.

It is here that Lisbon invites you to climb up the picturesque hill, either taking the Bica Funicular or the old cobbled stairs right behind Boavista 62. These will take you to Santa Catarina and Chiado, where fashion, arts and luxury meet in glamorous shops, art galleries, theatres and the Lisbon Opera.